MonthNovember 2017

Understanding Why We Can’t Understand Machine Learning

Describing how machine learning systems work to customers is one of the hardest parts of explaining our technology stack at NeoReach. Customers often think we program machine learning and we know every in and out of the system, like traditional programming, but that’s simply not the case.

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Setting Up a Budget Security System

Several months ago my office was broken into. We lost several thousands of dollars of computers but that was honestly not the worst part. Because all of those computers were used for development they all had SSH keys on them that could be used to access our servers. We encrypt all of our computers and all use very secure passwords but we don’t take changes with security so everyone that has access to servers had to change their SSH keys.

The whole incident was infuriating, mostly because of the wasted time, and not having anyone to blame left us all feeling frustrated. After we got our digital security back in order we decided to take some precautions with physical security and setup a security system.

If you’ve never setup a security system you might think it’s easy. Buy some cameras and plug them in, right? You couldn’t be more wrong.

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