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Build a Table

This post was originally made on my new woodworking and metal working blog, BuilderFleet.

I’ve had a philosophy for a long time that the best way to learn any new skill is to make the simplest possible project to develop that new skillset. Some skills might be harder to learn than others but the key to learning a new skill is to find the smallest project as an entry point and expand from there.

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Enable Developer Mode on Android

Recently I’ve been consulting with a lot of startups employing several young and eager developers. My role has been to help with general architectural questions and be a source of knowledge on industry standards.

To that end I’m starting a series on less complex programming concepts focusing on mobile and server development. They will usually only cover one concept but will be good reference.

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Best Sublime Plugins

As you can tell from my lack of articles over the last several months I have been very busy. I’ve been in India and San Francisco working like crazy. I will be posting more about what I have been working on in the future, but because of work I have had no time to write any new or interesting articles.

So today I decided to share what Sublime plugins I use to be more productive, help unify my team’s standards, and help the overall collaboration in my team.

I’ve been using Sublime for several years but I was unimpressed when I first started using it. I later found out that the real advantage of using Sublime is the plugin system. You can make Sublime into nearly any type of IDE you want.

Here is my list of best Sublime plugins.

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