The Amazing Art of Leather-working

This post was originally made on my new maker blog, BuilderFleet.

One of my favorite things to do is watch videos of people making things in mediums that I’ve never worked myself. It’s amazing to see how the art of making things changes so much from medium to medium while at its core remains the same.

My new favorite medium to watch people build with is leather.

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Extracting Android APKs like a Developer

If you’re a developer and own several Android devices changes are you’ve wanted to install additional apps that aren’t included in the base install of the OS and aren’t in the Play Store.

While there are many ways to sideload apps the best way is to extract an APK from one device and install it on another.

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Why Carl Sagan is the Best Scientist

I’m going to divert from my normal discussions of programming to talk about something I think is very important and still somewhat related to programming.

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The Value of Starting

First posts are always hard. Important questions emerge. What do you write about? Should the tone be humorous or serious? What will people think?

I’m going to talk about the value of starting your project, regardless of it being a blog, website, or novel. Most times starting is more important than what you end up with in the end.

I’ll describe this the best way I know how, with a story.

When I started working as a programmer I was always worried about the correct way of doing things. I constantly thought about what languages, frameworks, or libraries I should use, what design patterns I should learn, and how I would scale my application if it got big. Then one night that all changed.

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