Thing to watch for in a Startup

Over the years, I have worked in various startups as a manager and gained a lot of experience in managing remote programming teams. I’ve also had a lot of managers and throughout that time, I have observed that some of my managers, as well as myself do some great thing but also miss some very obvious patterns and loops of success that every startup should be following.

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How to Build and Deploy Machine Learning Models that Scale

Machine learning is the newest tool in the developer’s tool belt but most developers working in the field nowadays don’t know how to deploy and scale machine learning models.

In this article I will describe the two ways I’ve used to deploy machine learning models and why one is better than the other.

But first, let’s talk about how to make your model in the first place.

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Build a Table

This post was originally made on my new woodworking and metal working blog, BuilderFleet.

I’ve had a philosophy for a long time that the best way to learn any new skill is to make the simplest possible project to develop that new skillset. Some skills might be harder to learn than others but the key to learning a new skill is to find the smallest project as an entry point and expand from there.

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I Tried Using a Chromebook as My Main Computer, Here is What I Learned

I use Linux as my main computer, Android on my phone, Windows to play games, OS X to program iOS apps, and iOS to run the apps that I program. I also have several Raspberry Pis running smart home code, like Octoprint, Nextcloud, Home Assistant on Debian. The house has a ton of devices with embedded operating systems, like Tasmota, or Android TV. I even have several computers running on AWS and Digital Ocean. Overall I think I have around 25 full computers and 25 embedded Arduino like computers to manage and maintain.

For years I’ve been searching for the perfect computer. One that is mobile, runs my Android apps, runs my Linux apps, has Google Assistant built in, etc. Something that allows me to manage all of my devices from one place and lets me develop.

So when ChromeOS started supporting Linux and Android I started paying attention.

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Enable Developer Mode on Android

Recently I’ve been consulting with a lot of startups employing several young and eager developers. My role has been to help with general architectural questions and be a source of knowledge on industry standards.

To that end I’m starting a series on less complex programming concepts focusing on mobile and server development. They will usually only cover one concept but will be good reference.

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Building a $5 Smart Plug

I love home automation and have added all sorts of devices to my home over the last several years. For all the devices I have the most used and most useful are smart lights.

I’ve said many times to not use smart bulbs and to use smart switches instead, but what if you want to control more than just lights? What if you want to control power to something like 3d printers, a soldering iron, or even a flat iron; something that would be dangerous to keep on when away but something that don’t have just one location and thus doesn’t have just one switch to control it.

That is where smart plugs come in.

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The dark web is a dangerous place. Its crowded with hackers, drug dealers, and nefarious people trying to steal your identity or cause you harm. But it doesnt have to be that way! In this blog post, well outline how you can build something from scratch on the dark web without getting caught up in all the chaos of these shady parts of the internet A lot of people are interested in the dark web, but dont know how to access it. This article will provide an introduction and step-by-step instructions on how to find what youre looking for. It covers topics like Tor browser, Bitcoin, VPNs, and more!