I’m normally not a fan of gamification. It feels like the person trying to teach me thinks I am incapable of learning and needs to trick me into it. However, I just discovered a great programming game that teaches you creative problem solving.


Untrusted is a game based around the idea that you must program your way to an objective.

Every level has an exit, a player, and obstacles between each.

The interface of the game provides a code editor. This editor has prewritten JavaScript code that generates the level. At first you’re free to alter any of the code you want, but as you progress through levels certain areas of the code are uneditable.

Using creative problem solving you must add or alter code to redraw the level in a way that allows the player to reach the exit.

It’s loads of fun and well worth checking out. It’s perfect for brushing up your skills if you’re going into a job interview, or if you just want to have some fun.

Check it out.